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Alesha Bozhko
The diagnosis of neuronal intestinal dysplasia, NID. Requires surgery at Children's hospital № 1 which costs 650 000 rubles
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In the early nineties of the last century, Russia experienced a period of social and economic difficulties. Because of housing problems, unemployment, disease, families are broken up and children lose proper parental supervision. That’s why many of them turned up the street where they had to struggle for survival by themselves.
In 1992, the Swedish Charitable Memorial Fund commemorated Suzanne Westerberg began to support street children and adolescents in St. Petersburg.
The board of the Swedish Foundation includes seven people. All of them work on a voluntary basis. The Board organize events to raise funds to finance projects in Russia. Representatives of Swedish business, individuals and organizations are sponsors of this Foundation. Each year the Foundation provides a report to the Swedish authorities. Also members of the Board several times a year visit social projects in Russia. Partner of the Fund in St. Petersburg - St. Petersburg NGO "Centre" Innovation".
In 2007, the Non-profit Organization Charity Foundation for St. Petersburg Children in Need "The Sun" was established. The founders – the Count Stephan Tolstoy, Mr. Oleg Zherebtsov, Birgitta Westerberg – are the successors of the Swedish fund, and continue its mission.
The Charity Foundation "The Sun" – is a non-profit organization created to support needy children in St. Petersburg. It provides assistance to children left without parental care, disabled children, victims of violence and orphans. The Foundation promotes programs aimed at children’s inegartion into society and social adaptation.

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