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Alesha Bozhko
The diagnosis of neuronal intestinal dysplasia, NID. Requires surgery at Children's hospital № 1 which costs 650 000 rubles
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Address "Makarenko 9" is well known for more than 6 years among street children of Admiralty district of St. Petersburg. Here they can get food, clothes, bathe and wash their things. Attentive teachers and psychologists will listen and help in a crisis situation: to get necessary documents, medical treatment, return to the family if it’s possible. Every day except Sunday, teachers and volunteers of "Ostrov" organize leisure time for their wards, help with homework for those who go to school, arrange interesting excursions and hiking. But the main thing that “Ostrov” provides is a chance to change the life of a teenager and give him hope of a better future. Each month, about 50 children receive such kind of help.

Specialized neuropsychiatric Orphanage 14 is a State medical institution for orphans. There can bemaximum 80 children at the same time and it was opened in 2003. It’s situated in Saint-Petersburg, Moskovskiy District, on Detckiy Lane.
Here kids aged from a few days to 4 years live there one and only life. They are abandoned by their parents. The first thing they see is not a face of mother but the walls of the orphanage. We can help them, bring bright colours to their lives, fill children's room with joy and laughter.

Children live in 4 groups: babies (from 7 days to 8 months); diapers (up to 1 year and a half) and two older groups. Some children have the following diseases: anomalies associated with the development of the central nervous system; effects of hypoxia and ischemia of the head and spinal cord; epilepsy and convulsive syndrome; Down syndrome; perinatal encephalopathy.

Great and friendly team of staff consisting of doctors, nurses, teachers, nurses is working  with this kids. These people invest a lot of energy, hard work which is full of love for children.

We can help them – ahead there is a lot of work, the struggle for health and smiles of children and of course hope that they will find new mom and dad.


Children Hospital № 3

Children's Hospital 3, located on Vasilevsky Island of St. Petersburg, specializes in health care for children affected by infectious diseases. There is the city's largest tuberculosis department in this hospital, where each year about 600 children aged from several months to 18 years are examined and treated. Many children are from families of migrant workers and refugees, there are also orphans from orphanages.
If a child has parents, then he can leave hospital for a weekend and go home, where he is surrounded by care and attention of his relatives. But if children have no parents and they can go nowhere, they have no other way but to stay in a hospital permanently. The average course of treatment is 4-5 months, but sometimes it takes many years. The fate of each patient is not easy, and attitudes must be specific: it requires extra care, psychological support, assistance in learning. At the TB department there are 40 children aged from 2 to 18 years. They need attention and care. Children should walk every day for at least 2 hours. Fresh air and good humor are also extremely important for their recovery. Hospital and public provision may only provide medical care. But in terms of permanent residence in a closed institution not only medical care in needed. One of the main problems for the child is a meaningful and interesting spending time in
Our young hospital patients are surrounded by care and attention by staff and volunteers of the project: they are walking with kids and help them to do their lessons, conduct creative classes (sewing toys, make crafts from beads, straw, paper), reading books together, providing psychological assistance. It is very important for children because except medical staff they do not see anyone for a long time.
Aims of the project:
•       improvement of environment in which children of TB department are
•       recruit of volunteers to participate in the life of our small
•       integration of children who live for a long periods in isolation into
•       creative self-realization of the patients and volunteers.

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