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Alesha Bozhko
The diagnosis of neuronal intestinal dysplasia, NID. Requires surgery at Children's hospital № 1 which costs 650 000 rubles
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In a fairy tale

The International Children's Day is one of the most favorite holidays of our Foundation. And we always try hard to give our wards as much as possible bright impressions. And how great that there are caring people who are willing to help us with that.
In early June, we together with the children, who are being treated at the Children's Hospital for Infectious Diseases №3, appeared in the old Czech. The fact that the two charming Actresses: Kateřina Tiha and Kateřina Tshornova, brought to our city a puppet show-the tale of the "Ancient Czech legends." Both actresses perform 15 years in professional Prague's theater MINOR and take part in various projects, including the project "Puppets in the hospital."

The events in the play unfolded quickly, the characters bravely defended their homeland and their loved ones and, of course, the audience experienced with them!
The children were delighted!
For kids who find themselves in difficult life situations, joyful emotions perhaps the most valuable. And people who have the desire, time and effort to make such a gift - double the gratitude. A huge thank you to two Kateřina for their talent and good heart. Thanks also to the Czech Consulate in St. Petersburg for the opportunity to distract the children from the hospital environment. After all, what could be better in this world than the happy smile of a child.

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