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Alesha Bozhko
The diagnosis of neuronal intestinal dysplasia, NID. Requires surgery at Children's hospital № 1 which costs 650 000 rubles
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  • 05.06.2016

    In a fairy tale

    The International Children's Day is one of the most favorite holidays of our Foundation. And we always try hard to give our wards as much as possible bright impressions. And how great that there are caring people who are willing to help us with that.

  • 03.06.2016

    Friends of the Sun gathered

    May 31, on the eve of this wonderful holiday, we held a charity concert "Friends of the Sun" in Jagger club.

  • 01.03.2016

    "Sunny" science

    In the framework of the project "Sun for grandchildren" classes are held "Popular science" for orphans who are brought up alone by their grandmother.

  • 04.02.2016

    "The Sun" visiting veterans

    January 23 wards of Fund "The Sun" visited the Council of veterans in Sertolovo and showed the performance "A Grey neck".

  • 18.12.2015

    "The Sun" visiting designer Masha Goncharova

    On the eve of the Christmas holidays everyone wants to feel special atmosphere and decorate home beautiful toys, especially if they are made by hand. So the orphans, which supports our Foundation, were very happy when the designer Masha Goncharova invited them to her magic Studio on new year's master class.

  • 28.10.2015

    "The Sun" with the Champion

    Charitable Foundation "The Sun" continues meetings with interesting people in the framework of the project "Sport as a lifestyle".

  • 20.10.2015

    Sport as a lifestyle

    In a healthy body - healthy mind, go in for sports! - Charitable Foundation "The Sun" launched a series of meetings on the theme "Sports as lifestyle".

  • 09.09.2015

    “Sunny” day of knowledge

    This year, with your help, we were able to congratulate the 156 children with the start of the new school year!

  • 24.08.2015

    Charitable Foundation "The Sun" in the Konstantinovsky Palace

    On August 22 in the Marble Hall of the Konstantinovsky Palace hosted a charity concert of American pianist Mark Damisch. Mark gives concerts in the framework of the anniversary world tour in honor of the 40th anniversary of creative activity.

  • 10.10.2014

    Fashion and Art

    In September in Saint-Petersburg there was launched a unique children project “Fashion as art”. It was the first time when designers, couturiers, photographers, artists and stylists were brought together and gave master classes as well as organised excursions to the city creative workshops where real works of art are born.

  • 15.08.2014

    Summer with sunlight

    At the end of July children from “The Sun for grandchildren” project went to the summer camp. This time they spent 2 weeks in a beautiful wooden house on the lake. The weather was changeable, the mood was great, and the programme - interesting. Girls and boys totally liked it. Everything was new and interesting. The entertainment programme was impressive, one had no chance to get bored.

  • 01.08.2014

    Angelina Korobova, diagnosis: cystic adenomatoid malformation of the right lung (II type)

    Angelina's mother has written: My family lives in Kiev, Ukraine. We have a 7-year-old son, Nikita. We had wanted to have a second child, a daughter for a long time and then it finally happened. It was a miracle for us to find out that we were going to have a daughter. Everything was fine, there was just some pregnancy sickness.

  • 21.01.2014

    Polina Dubeykovskaya Diagnosis: necrotizing enterocolitis

    2.5 months old Polina has already went through two serious surgeries. Three times she was in intensive care.

  • 01.01.2014

    New Year's miracle for children.

    Thanks to your help we wished 420 children a happy New Year!

  • 21.02.2013

    Speech of Birgitta Westerberg and Ulyana Tunik

    Speech of Birgitta Westerberg, ex-Chairperson of the Board of Charitable foundation “The Sun”

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