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Помочь детям:

How I can help

The charity Foundation “The Sun”
Address : ul. Dumskaya d.1/3
Bank’s name: Branch “Severnaya stolitsa” of ZAO Raiffeisenbank in the city of St. Petersburg
Legal address / Postal address: Moika embankment 36, 191186, St. Petersburg, the Russian Federation
EUR account: 40703978203001411596

USD account: 40703840603001411596

charity donation 


I can give

 The Foundation accepts:

 • For babies - diapers, wipes, baby food;

 • For children from hospitals - coloring books, albums for paintings, brush drawing, paint, bubbles, crayons, board games;

 • For bathing children - soap, shampoo, toothpaste, cream;

 • For children whom we feed them every day - long shelf life products (canned goods, tea, noodles, candy, milk, juice, biscuits);

 • Toys (except soft toys), educational games. They should be new or in very good condition (except soft toys);

 Children's books and materials for creative work.

I can become a volunteer:

We need help for all children of all ages:

 - Orphans;

 - Those who are undergoing long lasting treatment in hospitals;

 - Children whose families are in tough situation.

Today we help:

 • Project "The sun into the family" - for single mothers with newborn sick babies (kids from 0 to year);

 • House of child № 14 (kids from 1,5 to 3 years)

(Next to the metro station “Moskovskiye Vorota”);

 • Children's Hospital № 3 (children from 3 to 16 years)

(Next to the metro station “Vasileostrovskaya”);

 • Project "Ostrov" (children aged 8-18 years)

(Next to the metro station “Sadovaya”).


 • Help children (walk with them, playing games, do some creative arts);

 • Participate in charity;

 • Assist in fund raising and also in collecting items (clothes, materials for art work etc.) for children;

 • Assist in organizing different events for children.

 What we do for you:

 • We organize seminars for our volunteers each month;

 • We provide training for volunteers and also support them during their work;

 • Psychologist’s help in working with children;

 • Registration of “employment history of volunteer”.

 Please call the Volunteers’ project coordinator, Valentina Ostrovskaya +7-911-179-11-28


I can bring joy

 Holidays, excursions, visits to the museum, theatre or the zoo ... For children all this things are not only a great joy but also a way of learning the world and themselves also. In the most beautiful city of our country, many children still live in Houses of Child and Orphanages and rarely have contact with the outside world. Others see only the “underside” of shinning streets and palaces. The positive experience of interaction with society, an opportunity to join the cultural values – all this is the foundation of emotional well-being of the child and a huge contribution to his rehabilitation.

You can bring joy to children:

 • Organize a trip to the theatre, museum, zoo, circus;

 • Hold a holiday event;

 • Pay for the excursion to museum or other interesting places;

 • Assist in organizing a summer camp for children.

  © 2010 Некоммерческая организация Благотворительный фонд
помощи нуждающимся детям Санкт-Петербурга "Солнце"
Санкт-Петербург, ул. Думская 1/3 (ст. м. "Невский проспект")
телефон/факс: 8(812) 309-51-07, +7-911-901-51-51
email: sunfond@sunfond.ru