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Alesha Bozhko
The diagnosis of neuronal intestinal dysplasia, NID. Requires surgery at Children's hospital № 1 which costs 650 000 rubles
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Support for children's medical institutions Non-profit Organization Charity Foundation for St. Petersburg Children in Need "The Sun" provides assistance to children's medical institutions to attract additional extra-budgetary financial sources for the purchase of modern equipment to provide quality health care for children.

Our aim: to create necessary conditions for social-medical and psychological rehabilitation for children who need medical care.

• organization of events and leisure activities for children undergoing
treatment in different medical institutions
• improving the facilities of medical institutions by attracting charitable, trust funds for the purchase of necessary equipment
• improvement the current level of the quality and range of medical services for children, assisting in the development of clinics and medical centers to provide competent medical care for children
• developing of social security and quality of life of children in hospitals

Activities of the program:
• holding festivals for children, organization of the theater and entertainment performances
• involvement of charities, trust funds for the purchase of necessary medical equipment for pediatric ward
• organization of the tender for the purchase of modern medical equipment required for the development of material and technical bases of children's clinics and medical centers
• purchase, delivery, installation and training work (if necessary) with modern medical equipment.


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